The Sabre

For all the aspiring Errol Flynn's and wannabe Zorro's the Saber is the weapon for you.

Hits no longer have to be made with the point of the weapon but can be made by any part of the blade usually in a cutting action.

Saber is usually the fastest and regularly the most painful of the three weapons. The design of the weapon is very different from the other two. The guard is larger also protecting the knuckles from cuts to the hand. The blade is also different with a thin cutting edge to it and ending not in a button as the other two do but in a rather worrying looking bend.

How it Works

An electrical current is sent from the scoring box to the weapon via the ‘C’ wire. This wire is then linked to the guard (and therefore blade) by the bodywire socket.

In the rest state the circuit runs from the ‘C’ wire through the weapon then wire. In sabres with sensor sensors this goes via the sensor socket, in sensorless sabres and ‘B’.

When the blade comes into contact with the opponents lame’, the circuit switches to the path of least resistance which is to return to the box via the opponents ‘A’ wire. The box then responds to the new circuit by displaying a coloured light.

Club is running every Wednesday from 8pm at CIYMS