Privacy Policy
This is the privacy policy of Stormont Fencing Club. It applies to all of our websites/services on which it appears.

Any personal information that is collected by Stormont Fencing Club is private and confidential. This information is only accessible by designated staff and used only for the purpose for which you provided.

Information Collected and Stored
Stormont Fencing Club collects and stores the IP addresses and browser details of all visitors to our website. Users who register an account on the website will be required to provide an e-mail address in order to identify the user and for account recovery purposes. Online registration for competitions on the website will require the user to use a PayPal account. Upon registration through PayPal, the club will receive an e-mail stating confirmation of payment and the name, weapon and e-mail address of the person who has registered. This data is held separately from that used by the website.

Any personal information collected by Stormont Fencing Club will not be released to Third Parties unless required to by law, court order or law enforcement authority. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide your information to third parties.
Club is running every Wednesday from 8pm at CIYMS