About Fencing

Fencing is an art with a long history and with its roots fixed in the tradition of chivalry.

The swords that we use in today's sport have evolved from those of ancient weapons. The Foil is the modern version of the duelling rapier while the Epee descends from the duelling sword. Further to this the basic movements and many of the fencing terms employed today have been in use for centuries by generations of fencers.

In today's modern fencing there are two types of fencing equipment. There are electric fencing equipment used mainly in tournaments and what is termed "Steam" or "Dry", as they use no electricity, fencing equipment.

Competition Equipment

At a fencing competition or Tournament you will find and elaborate array of electronics.

Bouts are help on a piste, A Piste can be laid on the floor or a platform or at it's simplist can be marked on the floor with tape.

Scoring and timing equipment is also linked up to assit the referrees in awarding points or "hits" and to keep track of time.

Club is running every Wednesday from 8pm at CIYMS